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Stayana International Trading is a family owned and operated company that was established in 2003. Through years of experience in the plastic recycling industry with notable and respected firms such as Rehrig Pacific, Pepsi, Ropak Packaging, Atlantic packaging, GFL and others, we have both innovated and perfected our plastic processing methods. We specialize in the sale, purchase, and processing of quality post industrial plastics. Stayana International Trading provides excellent service to a wide variety of suppliers and customers, from small extruding/grinding operations, and scrap collectors to multinational corporations.

Stayana Inernational Tradings' commitment to the recycling of plastics materials in environmentally conscious ways has led to the establishment of several international ventures in promoting responsible waste management. Development has continued to cross national borders into the realms of the United States, and Europe.


We Specialize In

  • Full service plastic recycling
  • Custom grinding and shredding
  • Buying and selling
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